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How to prevent abusive behavior in teens

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016

How to prevent abusive behavior in teens

Researchers have proved that teens who have attention and learning issues are more likely to develop some abusive behavior in the future. Under abusive behavior, we consider using the drugs and alcohol, unprotected sex and violent fights. As a parent, it’s your obligation to notice such actions and try to prevent them, together with teachers and psychologists.

Make rules

It is important to give your teens a liberty, but also make them learn to be responsible for their actions. Just because he or she is older, it doesn’t mean he can behave like he wants to. You should make any rules on the spot, but discuss them with your children in advance so that they can be aware of the consequences. Give them time to understand everything fully. For example, if your curfew is 11 PM on Saturday night, advise him to notify you if he is going to be late. He should send you a message. If that doesn’t happen, the punishment should be something light, but at the same time something he depends on too much. For example, no computer for the whole week.

Your teen should make decisions

It is of vital importance to set rules for your teen, but also, you should let him make his decisions. Later in the future, his life will depend on how good decisions he can make. For example, if your child comes home and says he wants to quit basketball team, you shouldn’t reject his idea automatically. Instead of that, talk with him and try to understand what made him make that decision. You should also proposition to him to try for another month before he makes a final call. This is a good way to teach him to think through decisions.

You need to have good structure and routine

verbally-abusive-kidsIf you leave your child too long without supervision, he is likely to get into harmful situations. On the other hand, children who are connected and close to their families might have fewer chances to engage in risky behavior. If you have a chance set up a family get to together where you can discuss your problems but also to do some sun stuff. Also, it is important that your child has a good schedule and routine, where he will know all his chores and appointments. The exact time when he does his homework, when he goes to bed and when he wakes up, for instance.

Get familiar with his friends

teens-blue-skyIt is important to know with whom your teen spends his free time. Parents and friends cultivate his future life and behavior. Encourage your children to invite their friends so you can meet them. It wouldn’t be bad to meet their parents also. If you think their friends are suspicions or engaged in some shady activities, you might want to advise him on that. A dentist who works in an office that offers dental veneers enrolled his children in some extracurricular activities to remove them from problematic friends. If your child is busy and has structured life, he won’t have time to make a bad choice.