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Is an early child development connected with abusive behavior in teen years?

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016

Is an early child development connected with abusive behavior in teen years?

Scientists have established that the first three years of child’s life have the massive importance on its future development and behavior. The brain, which is the center organ in our body and which controls all other functions must be treated with care. If we want our children to have stable personalities as they grow up, if we manage to provide our children healthy environment and if we show them what empathy and emotional intelligence are. They are likely to have problematic youth and abusive pattern of behavior. Unfortunately, due to long working hours and our inability to dedicate them time, later as they grow up, some of them might go off the tracks.

Healthy childhood right from the beginning

Considering this problem and abusive behavior in the youth, parents need to act dually. If you combine series of activities into one, you might be able to create a healthy path for your child. From the beginning teach him about healthy habits, such as good nutrition and exercise and how great importance they have in its life. These habits have several important roles, and they must be designed to improve child’s mental and physical skills. On the other hand, also parents can be educated on this subject. There are specially designed programs for children and later on preschool children that offer guidance and monitor early child’s development with an experienced teacher as qualified experts. Every child must socialize, but don’t let environment to have a too big of an impact.

Pay attention to your parenting skills

uoq2jqfhc68v0udxa0tzTo prevent abusive behavior, you must be a good psychologist. Many parents make mistakes when they become too harsh on their children. Either they are too strict, or they have high demands which child can’t fulfill. They cross that line and become abusers. Child’s brain is a fragile thing, and even one harsh word can have a negative effect. The more stress in child’s live, severe punishment and high demands, the more child begins to retract into himself and finds a way out in other things. So, when it reaches out into adulthood, he is already deep in drugs, alcohol or violent and uncontrolled behavior. As a parent, you need to find the middle and try to be a friend to your child, so when he conflicts, you will be the first person he will confide to.

Identify abusive behavior early in the school

aggressive-behavior-in-young-childrenMany schools have specially designed programs to help teachers identify problematic behavior with children before they become too serious. They can track children’s behavior and performance in the school. But also their interaction with their classmates. For example, if the child is bullied in the school, it has bigger chances to commit violent crimes in the future. To implement bullying prevention programs is a rather expensive procedure and not many schools are ready to accept that. But, if a disruptive behavior is noticed earlier in the childhood, it can prevent serious breakdowns later in the future.