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How to Remove Carpet Stains using tips from Maricopa Carpet Cleaners

Posted by on Jul 26, 2017

How to Remove Carpet Stains using tips from Maricopa Carpet Cleaners

When you search the web today, you will find tons of different tips on how you can clean your carpets. While everyone has the usual things that are advised on many sites, particular businesses that write these tips online still keep some of the secret methods to them. We at have decided to share with you some of our secrets that you can use to clean your carpets with much less effort than if you use other methods.

Things you should know before you start cleaning

People today use the easiest method when it comes to cleaning carpets, and that is to pour a chemical on the carpet and start scrubbing the stain till the stain is gone. This can be very bad for your carpet as the more you scrub the bigger the damage will be and depending on the chemicals that are used the carpet might even lose its overall quality when it comes to softness and the ability to resist certain stains.
The first thing you need to do when you clean a carpet is that 90 % of stains can be removed by the blotting method. Whichever chemical you use, never scrub, always use the method where you apply cold water then put the chemical and then blot the area where the stain is. Repeat this a couple of times to remove the stain.

The different types of stains

Water-Soluble Stains are stains that are diluted with water and can be removed using water and something else.
Stains such as: alcoholic drinks, coca cola, excrement, food colors, ice cream, mud, milk, ink and much more.
For stains of this caliber use a cleaning solution made from half a teaspoon of any known bleach detergent or chemical, or even vinegar and mix it with about 32 ounces of water. Place it into a spray bottle and spray the area where the stain is. Once the area is nice and sprayed wait about 10-20 minutes and wipe it with a white rag. Repeat if necessary

Water-Soluble Stains that belong in a special category

These stains are a bit harder to remove and might require some additional preparation. The stains are Chocolate stains, coffee stains, blood, mustard, tea wine and much more.
To remove these stains try mixing 1 tablespoon of ammonia and one full cup of water. Just make sure to not use this chemical on wool as you will damage it, here you should use detergent and cold water. If you have a white carpet that is a non-solution dyed carpet and the solution is not removing the stain for you, use one-part chlorine or bleach and 5 cups of water.

Removing glue and gum

Glue is another specific stain that can be removed by dampening your rag in rubbing alcohol. Place it on the stain and wait at least 10-20 minutes. After that just wipe away the stain.
Gum is a bit harder to remove using chemicals that are not designed specifically for this. The only surefire way to remove it is by freezing it with ice cubes and then shattering it with a spoon.

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Is an early child development connected with abusive behavior in teen years?

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016

Is an early child development connected with abusive behavior in teen years?

Scientists have established that the first three years of child’s life have the massive importance on its future development and behavior. The brain, which is the center organ in our body and which controls all other functions must be treated with care. If we want our children to have stable personalities as they grow up, if we manage to provide our children healthy environment and if we show them what empathy and emotional intelligence are. They are likely to have problematic youth and abusive pattern of behavior. Unfortunately, due to long working hours and our inability to dedicate them time, later as they grow up, some of them might go off the tracks.

Healthy childhood right from the beginning

Considering this problem and abusive behavior in the youth, parents need to act dually. If you combine series of activities into one, you might be able to create a healthy path for your child. From the beginning teach him about healthy habits, such as good nutrition and exercise and how great importance they have in its life. These habits have several important roles, and they must be designed to improve child’s mental and physical skills. On the other hand, also parents can be educated on this subject. There are specially designed programs for children and later on preschool children that offer guidance and monitor early child’s development with an experienced teacher as qualified experts. Every child must socialize, but don’t let environment to have a too big of an impact.

Pay attention to your parenting skills

uoq2jqfhc68v0udxa0tzTo prevent abusive behavior, you must be a good psychologist. Many parents make mistakes when they become too harsh on their children. Either they are too strict, or they have high demands which child can’t fulfill. They cross that line and become abusers. Child’s brain is a fragile thing, and even one harsh word can have a negative effect. The more stress in child’s live, severe punishment and high demands, the more child begins to retract into himself and finds a way out in other things. So, when it reaches out into adulthood, he is already deep in drugs, alcohol or violent and uncontrolled behavior. As a parent, you need to find the middle and try to be a friend to your child, so when he conflicts, you will be the first person he will confide to.

Identify abusive behavior early in the school

aggressive-behavior-in-young-childrenMany schools have specially designed programs to help teachers identify problematic behavior with children before they become too serious. They can track children’s behavior and performance in the school. But also their interaction with their classmates. For example, if the child is bullied in the school, it has bigger chances to commit violent crimes in the future. To implement bullying prevention programs is a rather expensive procedure and not many schools are ready to accept that. But, if a disruptive behavior is noticed earlier in the childhood, it can prevent serious breakdowns later in the future.

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How to prevent abusive behavior in teens

Posted by on Dec 8, 2016

How to prevent abusive behavior in teens

Researchers have proved that teens who have attention and learning issues are more likely to develop some abusive behavior in the future. Under abusive behavior, we consider using the drugs and alcohol, unprotected sex and violent fights. As a parent, it’s your obligation to notice such actions and try to prevent them, together with teachers and psychologists.

Make rules

It is important to give your teens a liberty, but also make them learn to be responsible for their actions. Just because he or she is older, it doesn’t mean he can behave like he wants to. You should make any rules on the spot, but discuss them with your children in advance so that they can be aware of the consequences. Give them time to understand everything fully. For example, if your curfew is 11 PM on Saturday night, advise him to notify you if he is going to be late. He should send you a message. If that doesn’t happen, the punishment should be something light, but at the same time something he depends on too much. For example, no computer for the whole week.

Your teen should make decisions

It is of vital importance to set rules for your teen, but also, you should let him make his decisions. Later in the future, his life will depend on how good decisions he can make. For example, if your child comes home and says he wants to quit basketball team, you shouldn’t reject his idea automatically. Instead of that, talk with him and try to understand what made him make that decision. You should also proposition to him to try for another month before he makes a final call. This is a good way to teach him to think through decisions.

You need to have good structure and routine

verbally-abusive-kidsIf you leave your child too long without supervision, he is likely to get into harmful situations. On the other hand, children who are connected and close to their families might have fewer chances to engage in risky behavior. If you have a chance set up a family get to together where you can discuss your problems but also to do some sun stuff. Also, it is important that your child has a good schedule and routine, where he will know all his chores and appointments. The exact time when he does his homework, when he goes to bed and when he wakes up, for instance.

Get familiar with his friends

teens-blue-skyIt is important to know with whom your teen spends his free time. Parents and friends cultivate his future life and behavior. Encourage your children to invite their friends so you can meet them. It wouldn’t be bad to meet their parents also. If you think their friends are suspicions or engaged in some shady activities, you might want to advise him on that. A dentist who works in an office that offers dental veneers enrolled his children in some extracurricular activities to remove them from problematic friends. If your child is busy and has structured life, he won’t have time to make a bad choice.

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