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What’s the biggest deterrent to your kids’ using drugs or alcohol? It’s you!

Look at the facts: Kids who learn from their parents, caregivers or teachers about the risks of drugs are 36% less likely to smoke marijuana than kids who don’t. 50% less likely to use inhalants. 56% less likely to use cocaine. 65% less likely to use LSD.

Young people are being exposed to alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs early on…even in elementary school. The younger people start to use alcohol and drugs, the more likely they will develop problems associated with such use. With the support of the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program offered through the Brevard County School System, PREVENT! of Brevard is able help you learn more about anti-drug parenting strategies that are rarely instinctive, even for the best parents. You are the most powerful influence in your child’s life, there is a lot you can say and do!

To obtain more information on the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, log onto, a web site dedicated to providing information on substance abuse to parents and other adult caregivers, teachers, workplaces, and much more. For more information on Safe and Drug Free Schools visit

Facts Everyone Should Know

Facts Everyone Should Know

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